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For students who in these uncertain times need a listening ear, All Ears offers the opportunity to speak to one of our studentworkers.

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we have a telephone consultation hour from 14:00 to 16:00 hrs. would you like to talk to someone, please send an e-mail to info@allearsgroningen, and you will be scheduled for an appointment. Or complete the contact form on our website:

For the duration of the corona crisis the telephone consultation hour replaces our ‘regular’ consultation hour on the Wednesday afternoon.


Many students in Groningen seem to be increasingly in need of someone to confide in, someone who is willing to listen to their vents. The student workers of ‘All Ears’ gladly provide this service.

For most students the years at university constitute a period in which major changes take place, a time when they are confronted with existential questions, a formative time in their lives. Unfortunately, nowadays they are barely given the opportunity to really come to grips with it: many students rush through their courses because of the pressure to graduate with a minimum of delay. Small wonder that students get stuck and feel they are floundering, sometimes leading to a burn-out ... or worse.

Waiting lists for psychological help are very long. Also, as a student you may find yourself struggling with questions that are not necessarily of a psychological nature. In these cases it can be a great help just to be able to tell your story to someone outside your own circle, e.g. to an ‘All Ears’ student worker.

‘All Ears’ student workers are not students themselves, but they are in close contact with students because of their professional or personal background. Hence, a student worker has an intimate knowledge of the kind of problems ‘being a student’ entails. A talk with a student worker is low-threshold and without obligation, so you can drop by anytime without an appointment. Student workers are knowledgeable professionals, and everything you discuss with them remains completely confidential.

So if you want to just get something off your chest, e.g. because you are getting stuck or for whatever other reason, please feel free to contact one of the ‘All Ears’ student workers, every Wednesday from 14.00-16.00 hrs in room 1314.012 of the Harmoniebuilding (Faculty of Law).

Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat 26 
9712 EK Groningen 

For more information about All Ears, see the website:

All Ears is an initiative of the SKLO, the Association of Religious and Lifestance Student Organizations in Groningen. 



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