Stichting Studentenkoepel voor Levensbeschouwelijke Organisaties
Kraneweg 33, 9718 JE Groningen

Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 55680429

Bank account number: NL74 INGB 0006 1642 99 in the name of Stichting SKLO

RSIN/Fiscal number: 851815613

Boards 2020-2021:

Members of the Board:

Edward Rustenhoven (chair)
Liz Doornbos (secretary)
Rik Keppel (treasurer)
Dinant Kasper (extern)

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Richard Vos (chair)
Berend Roorda (vice-chair and HR)
Coen Oosterhuis  (treasurer)
Mirjam Nederveen (member)
Renze van Weringh (student-member)
Kristian Buitink (student-member)

Members of the Associated organizations committee:

Jesse Smits - N.S.G.
Thomas ten Napel- GSV
Esmée van Diggelen - Ichthus
Wim Huls - C.S.F.R.
Elvira Bruining - HOST-IFES
Bernhard Mol - O.C.S.G.
Koen van Steenbeek – GSp

Remuneration policy

Members of the Supervisory Board and the Associeted organizations committe receive no financial compensation for the performance of their duties. Members of the Board receive a management grant from Groningen University.

Employees of the SKLO are covered by the regulations of employment of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (administrative church staff).

Policy plan


Where students get the opportunity to develop themselves outside their studies in the fields of sports (ACLO) and culture (USVA), SKLO - the Association of Religious and Lifestance Student Organizations - sets great store by offering them the possibility for personal development with regard to lifestance issues. At university students are being challenged to grow into the person they want to be, and they are bound to be confronted with questions about their own role in society, the ideals they cherish, and their personal convictions or beliefs.

Increasingly, students are in need of profundity and meaning outside their studies. The SKLO was founded in 2012 to cater for that need. The SKLO aims to encourage students to reflect on lifestance issues, by coordinating and subsidizing lifestance-related activities for students, by fostering cooperation between student associations active in this field, and by keeping alive the dialogue about the various lifestance currents.

First and foremost, the SKLO wants to offer all students in Groningen the opportunity to orient themselves on the subject of lifestance/religion. After all, for a broad general development of students their physical and cultural education must be complemented by spiritual education. The activities organized or facilitated by the SKLO are expressly open to all students in Groningen, and we seek to provide a variegated range of activities in the areas of religion and lifestance.

The SKLO has as its objectives:

  1. to promote the cooperation of student organizations active in the areas of religion and lifestance;
  2. to provide adequate information about the aforementioned organizations and their activities;
  3. to promote the devising of a broad, joint programme of activities in which the aforementioned organizations may participate while maintaining their own identity;
  4. to facilitate and support activities organized by the aforementioned organizations as part of the joint programme;
  5. to ensure a fair and balanced allocation of the activity subsidies provided by Groningen University among the participating student organizations.


  • Promoting cooperation

The SKLO optimizes consultations and intensifies cooperation between the religious and lifestance student organizations participating in the SKLO. This takes place in regular meetings of the Executive Board, where representatives of the student organizations talk about the allocation of subsidies and discuss future perspectives. The SKLO maps out and coordinates the overall programme of activities and provides an overview for students. Also, the Executive Board strives to be a recognizable point of contact for students, student organizations, higher education institutions and other parties. The SKLO maintains communications with educational institutions like Groningen University and Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

  • Providing adequate information

The SKLO website facilitates an activity calendar, listing all the activities of the participating student organizations. Also, more detailed information is available about each activity and about the organizations themselves.

  • Fundraising and publicity

To ensure the stability of the SKLO it is important to create a broader financial basis. We do this by conducting a sober spending policy and by renting out the building for lifestance(-related) activities. Furthermore, we are currently exploring possibilities and opportunities for generating alternative sources of income. We are creating more financial scope for lifestance activities. To create more widespread support and to increase the ‘brand awareness’ of the SKLO, a new publicity plan is being written. For example, we ask recipients of subsidies to use the SKLO logo in their publicity material, and we have published a town plan showing all the venues in Groningen where SKLO-activities take place. Also, we have optimized our website and Facebook page, providing ample information about the SKLO, the participating organizations, the possibilities for applying for subsidies, current vacancies for board positions, and renting rooms/facilities in the SKLO building for own activities. For international students there is information about the international activities of the SKLO. Organizations and businesses wishing to support the SKLO financially can find there all the information they require.

  • Balanced allocation of funds

The SKLO strives for a balanced and transparent allocation of the funds received while promoting a broad range of activities. For that a (standardized) distribution code has been developed. The activities must meet two requirements: they should be open to all students and be lifestance-related. Besides, the activities are classified into categories. These categories relate to the type of activity, not to its content. For each category a certain percentage of the funds is set apart. The associations and organizations are encouraged to apply for subsidies in various categories, thus making sure that a varied range of activities for students will be on offer. When parties act along these lines, either within their own programme of activities or by cooperating with others within the SKLO, they have the best chance of being subsidized. In order to improve and simplify the procedure for applying for subsidies a standard digital application procedure has been put into operation, which is available via the SKLO website. The processing of the applications and the accounting of the activities is also being standardized.

  • New possibilities

Together with the participating organizations the SKLO tries to find new ways to put lifestance on the map and to provide opportunities for the participating organizations to profile themselves. An example of this is the Lifestance Info Market during the introductory week for first-year students prior to the new academic year.
In addition, the SKLO keeps an eye out for new lifestance organizations and initiatives so as to bring about more diversity in the programme of lifestance-oriented activities. Also, closer cooperation is sought with student organizations offering lifestance-oriented activities for international students or for students whose religion/lifestance is not yet represented in the SKLO Executive Board.

Verslag van de georganiseerde activiteiten

De Studentenkoepel voor Levensbeschouwelijke Organisaties heeft als doel om de verschillende levensbeschouwelijke studentenorganisaties en -verenigingen in Groningen samen te brengen en te laten samenwerken, om zo een divers en breed activiteitenaanbod te creëren voor de studenten van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Hieronder volgt de verslaglegging van de activiteiten van het jaar 2019, waar de aandacht onder meer is uitgegaan naar levensbeschouwelijke verdieping en verbreding door middel van cursussen, studieweekenden, werkgroepen, forums en lezingen, maar ook naar integratie van en ondersteuning voor internationale studenten, het samenbrengen van studenten met verschillende levensbeschouwingen en kerkelijke activiteiten.

De verantwoording van de activiteiten in 2021 van de Studentenkoepel voor Levensbeschouwelijke Organisaties is een opsomming van de verschillende levensbeschouwelijke en religieuze activiteiten die door studenten en/of door levenbeschouwelijke studentenorganisaties en verenigingen zijn georganiseerd voor de studenten van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en Hanzehogeschool Groningen.



Financiële verantwoording
De ontvangen activiteitensubsidie van het jaar 2021 bedraagt €25.177,82 wat vervolgens is verdeeld over de verschillende betrokken studentorganisaties en –verenigingen. Hiervan is over 2019 daadwerkelijk €11.901,31 besteedt. De aandacht is met name uitgegaan naar levensbeschouwelijke verdieping en verbreding door middel van cursussen, studieweekenden, werkgroepen, forums en lezingen, maar ook integratie van en ondersteuning voor internationale studenten, het samenbrengen van studenten met verschillende levensbeschouwingen en kerkelijke activiteiten. 


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