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The associated organizations are listed in the column on the right-hand side of this website. The SKLO Executive Board is made up of board members of the five Christian student associations, GSp - Student Platform for Lifestance Issues, the Roman Catholic student parish, and Veritas forum. All organizations have and retain their own identity. The SKLO provides a structural, broad consultation platform where these religious and lifestance student organizations may present themselves and where they can collaborate. Precisely because each organization has its own identity, we are able to cater for a wide range of students’ interests.

We are proud of this unique organizational form and we are happy to welcome new organizations wishing to join the SKLO.

C.S.F.R. Groningen - Yir'at 'Adonay

Yir’at ‘Adonay is the Groningen fraternity of Civitas Studiosorum in Fundamento Reformato, a Dutch student association based on the Bible and the Three Forms of Unity. The association regards four pillars as fundamentals: living a consciously Christian life, going in for intellectual education (also called ‘studiousness’), amicality and a student-like atmosphere. Yir’at ‘Adonay’s characteristic studiousness is apparent from the large number of lectures and study groups the association has to offer every year. Every Thursday the members convene for drinks and a chat in the premises of Unitas SG and fortnightly on Tuesday there is a Bible study. This is an all-year-round activity, which gives the participants an opportunity of getting to know each other really well. Apart from this there are several activities throughout the year specifically aimed at strengthening the mutual bonds (amicality) between members, e.g. a Christmas dinner, weekend breaks, a Dies Natalis (to commemorate the fraternity’s anniversary), and theme parties. Yir’at ‘Adonay may justly be called an asset to student life in Groningen! For more information:

C.S.V. Ichthus

C.S.V. Ichthus Groningen is an interdenominational Christian student association for students of both Groningen University and Hanzehogeschool Groningen. What makes Ichthus special is its open, friendly and diverse character. The small membership (140) ensures that practically all the members are acquainted with one another.

The openness, friendliness and diversity spring from the fact that of the many activities on offer the weekly Bible study is the only obligatory one. This indeed is the basis of Ichthus: small groups (about seven people) who share a meal, engage in Bible study and socialize afterwards. The numerous other activities, ranging from lectures to parties and from Praise & Prayer meetings to the yearly gala, are non-obligatory. This set-up ensures that Ichthus has everything a student association should be able to offer, and still everybody is free to choose what they want to engage in. This way everyone can be himself/herself and feel at home within Ichthus, deepening their faith in God and making the most of their student years.
In short, Ichthus stands for a student life with God. For more information:

HOST-IFES, platform for international students 

HOST-IFES is a Christian platform for international students in Groningen. HOST stands for Hospitality for Overseas Students; its aim is to create a ‘home away from home’ for international students in Groningen. Every Friday evening HOST organizes a get-together, which attracts 20 to 40 students and young professionals from many different countries, offering an international environment with a unique insight into various cultures. Our activities are always characterized by hospitality, friendship and connectedness with each other. We have cultural evenings, potluck dinners, movie nights and so on. In addition, we organize weekends away (twice a year) as well as a Language Exchange and a Culture Exchange. All our activities are open for everyone, and you are welcome to attend whenever it suits you. Please visit our website or like our Facebook page for more information and to stay informed about our activities.

Navigators Studentenvereniging Groningen

Navigators Student Association Groningen is an open Christian student association in Groningen. With a membership of, currently, about 500, Navigators is one of the largest Christian student associations in the Netherlands and it is the fourth largest in Groningen. This means it is fully embedded in the Groningen student world. Within the association there is a balanced mix of enjoying studenthood and striving for Christian profundity. Navigators has as its motto ‘Knowing Christ and making Him known’. At the fortnightly Bible study members are challenged to examine their convictions.

Every Tuesday evening an association-wide activity with subsequent socializing takes place in the clubhouse Domus Veritatis, to which members may bring guests along. Apart from this regular club night there are other activities like parties, praise & worships, coffee moments, lectures, and the annual gala. Also it is possible to take part in nationwide activities with Navigators from other cities, like the song festival, the sports day and the Focus Weekend.

Curious? Feel free to drop by on a Tuesday from 23.00 hrs at Hardewikerstraat 7 to sample the atmosphere during our drinks hour, or come to one of the other activities. For more info:


O.C.S.G. is a partnership of five Christian student associations in Groningen: Navigators, Ichthus, C.S.F.R., GSV, and HOST-IFES. O.C.S.G. focuses primarily on fostering fraternization among the member associations and has a missionary character. The O.C.S.G. Executive Committee organizes activities, keeps in touch with representatives of these associations and holds meetings about the way O.C.S.G. functions, always with a view to finding and implementing improvements. The General Board, comprised of representatives of the six Christian associations, holds joint meetings with the Executive Committee to discuss issues relevant to the member associations. Also, O.C.S.G. is responsible for the proper organization and internal communication of various projects, like Outreach, Passion Week and StudentAlpha. For more info: or visit our Facebook page!

GSp - Student Platform for Lifestance Issues

GSp - Student Platform for Lifestance Issues is a student facility where seriousness and socializing are combined. Visit us for personal coaching, philosophizing, sharing a meal, merriment, meditation, prayer, watching movies, and making friends. Membership is not required: all students are welcome to attend the lectures and courses they think will be of interest to them. And afterwards there is time for a drink and a chat in the Common Room bar. Thus GSp is open to all students, offering the perfect combination of seriousness and socializing for a splendid time at university. Please visit the GSp website for an overview of the current courses and lectures to check out if there is anything there that interests you. See you soon at GSp! More info:


The Reformed Student Association (Gereformeerde Studentenvereniging, abbreviated as GSV) is a Christian student association based on the Reformed Confession. We are a close group of some 200 students who meet every week for Bible study and a drink at the bar. Our manifold activities accord with the four characteristic aspects of the GSV: Christian, intellectual, social and student-like. For more info:

R.C. Student Parish St. Augustine

The Groningen student parish St. Augustine is the Roman Catholic student pastorate affiliated to the Groningen-Leeuwarden diocese and the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Groningen. Our aim is to bring together – through various activities – both Roman Catholic students and students of other faiths or non-believing students, to engage in discussion about the Catholic faith and to grow in faith. As the student parish is predominantly international in character, the ‘working language’ is English. For more info:


ISV Deen

ISV Deen is an Islamic student organization founded to promote the interests of Muslim students. 

For more info:








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