F.l.t.r: Dinant Kasper (Extern), Edward Rustenhoven (Chair), Liz Doornbos (Secretary) and Rik keppel (Treasurer)

The Board consists entirely of students and is primarily responsible for the allocation of subsidies, for determining the programme of activities and for the communication to students. The Board 2020-2021 consists of:

Edward Rustenhoven (Chair)
Hi all! My name is Edward Rustenhoven, I am 21 years old and a third year student of the bachelor programme Economics & Business Economics. Currently, I am following a minor in Dutch Law. Besides that, I am a member of C.S.F.R. Groningen.
In my opinion, your student time is only complete if you have developed yourself in many different areas. There are so many things to discover in our world and it would be a shame if this development was limited to your own study programme. For this reason, I also find it important that people consider deep questions in life as: “Why am I here?”, What am I living for?” and “What will happen after this life on earth?”
These philosophical questions will be addressed plenty of times this year as I am taking on the wonderful task of chairing the SKLO board. Together with my board members, I hope to facilitate a broad range of ideological or philosophical activities. We want to promote student well-being as well.
Hopefully, we can have a lot of good conversations with each other, so please don’t hesitate to visit Kraneweg 33



Liz Doornbos (Secretary)
Hi there! My name is Liz Doornbos, and I am a student of Philosophy and Theology at RUG, and a member of GSV. This year, I will be the secretary of the board of SKLO.

What I like about SKLO is the variety of activities. We help student associations with subsidies to organize nice activities, but also a topic such as wellbeing of students is an important point for us. This is especially now an important topic, and something I personally like to be involved in.





Rik Keppel (Treasurer)

Hi! My name is Rik Keppel; 20 years old and I am a third year student in the bachelor Industrial Engineering & Management. I am also a third year member of Yir'at ‘Adonay. This year I will dedicate myself to the SKLO by fulfilling the position of treasurer.

Together with my board members we want to promote the idea of philosophy of life in Groningen. We do this by supporting associations with organizing ideological activities, but also by organizing cool activities ourselves. This year I will enthusiastically help to make the Night of the Philosophy of Life, an annual event with interesting speakers, a success again.

In addition to organizing activities, we also make the building available to students for studying or meeting. So you are welcome to visit the SKLO building!




Dinant Kasper (Extern)
Hi everyone! My name is Dinant Kasper; 22 years old and a fourth year student of the bachelor's Communication Multimedia Design. Besides my studies I am a member of the student association Yir'at 'Adonay. This year I will fulfill the new function of External Affairs within the board of SKLO.

I would love to contribute to helping all students in Groningen in asking essential questions; what do you want to achieve in your studies, work and life? And how can you answer these questions yourself?

The SKLO sets out to be an overarching organisation that helps student organisations to initiate activities; in a financial way, but also inspiring and developing. Myself, I will help in advertising these activites so that every student in Groningen can develop themselves through these activities.

Besides bringing activities to attention, I am occupied with ‘All Ears’, which is a project that provides a listening ear to students. I would love to meet you in the SKLO building, a place where you can also study by the way!


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