(L.T.R.) Cor van 't Hof (chair), Ruth van Maastricht (treasurer), Wietkse Ouwejan (Secretary), Anne Holtland (Extern)

The Board consists entirely of students and is primarily responsible for the allocation of subsidies, for determining the programme of activities and for the communication to students. The Board 2021-2022 consists of:

Cor van 't Hof (Chair)

Hello, my name is Cor van ’t Hof. I study Theology and Medicine at Groningen University.

If you ask me, your time as a student is the time of your life with an unprecedented wealth of possibilities for personal development. There is a lot to discover, both within your study programme and outside it, all of which may shape your life and career. You may discover your interests and preferences and develop your own personal view of life. Nothing is so formative as your student days. 

The SKLO is pre-eminently the sort of organization that facilitates all this. The SKLO activities in the field of lifestance and meaningfulness encourage you to ask questions and to broaden your horizon through the life stories of others. Most importantly perhaps: at the SKLO, there is room to tell your own story. Through our ‘All Ears’ initiative we contribute to the wellbeing of the student population generally, by ensuring there is always someone available for students to talk to.



Wietse Ouwejan (Secretary)

My name is Wietse Ouwejan, 22 years old and this year I will be the secretary of the SKLO board. In daily life I study at the Prins Claus conservatoire where I am finishing my bacherlors degree in Classical music at this moment, with Organ as my main subject. Next to it I am studying at the LOTO in Utrecht, a study to become an organ consultant. Quite a busy year, but completely worth it. 

As board member I am busy taking minutes and controlling incoming and outgoing mail. That doesn’t sound to interesting, and the truth is, it isn’t. Happily, there are a lot of other more interesting activities like drinks and social meetings. With all this it becomes a great place in a fantastic board. 



Ruth van Maastricht (Treasurer)

Heey! My name is Ruth van Maastricht, I am 20 years old and a third-year student of the bachelor Business Administration on the RUG. Currently, I am following the minor Finance on the same faculty. Besides studying, I am a member of C.S.F.R. Groningen. This year, I want to commit to a broad ideologically target group as treasurer of SKLO.

As board of SKLO we want to promote the idea of philosophy of life and support this in Groningen. Besides that, we want to do more with the meaning of life, this happens already with for instance All Ears. Another activity we organize, is the Night of the Philosophy of Life. On this activity, there will be a famous and interesting speaker, also will there be workshops. This year, I will be on the committee of this activity. 

Besides the activities we organize ourselves, we also support with the subsidy application for activities of external parties that fall under our control. As treasurer, I will be main responsible for this.

Do not forget, we also have a building where you can organize activities and study!



Anne Holtland (Extern)

Hi, I am Anne Holtland and I am a third year student of Religious Studies at the RUG. I am also a third year member of the beautiful GSV. This year I am fulfilling the role of Externus on the board of the SKLO.

As an umbrella body, the SKLO is committed to helping student organizations set up activities; financially but especially for inspiration and development. Thus, I will help to bring these activities to the attention even more, so that every student in Groningen can develop through these activities.

Besides drawing attention to the activities, I am involved in the 'All Ears' project, which gives students a listening ear. I would love to meet you in the building of SKLO. By the way, you can also study there! 



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