Training for Happiness

25 April 20:00 - 22:00

SKLO Kraneweg 33

What motivates you at the start of a new day? What do you do with your dreams and desires in daily life?

We all recognize a desire to be happy. But what is important in being happy? And how to reach a sustainable happiness, something that lasts?

This training:
• Empowers you to make your life better
• Gives insights in scientific principles of happiness.
• Helps you to reflect together on what is of value in your life and what dreams you have
• Help you to make some specific first steps in the direction you want to go
• Teaches you skills to utilize your student life to the fullest

It will be a series of 3 sessions on 3 Tuesdaynights. Joining is free of charge. With an optional dinner on forehand at 18.30 (€2).

The training will be in English. You're more than welcome if you are a student, young professional or if you came in the last years to the Netherlands as a refugee and are now planning to start a study.

The training is hosted by the above listed organizations with the goal of helping you to make the next steps in your life that enhance your well-being.

To sign up (or ask questions) send an email to

We as training leaders are looking forward to meet you!

Arjen Zijderveld and Hendrik Timmer

organizations involved


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