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SKLO staff:

Sieka Berkhout
My name is Sieka Berkhout, coordinator for the SKLO since the establishment of this foundation in 2012. I witnessed the inception of the SKLO and am proud to be part of this magnificent organization! During the early years we worked hard, together with students and the Supervisory Board, to lay the foundations, and now the time has come to spread our wings and claim our rightful place within the student community. 
My job as coordinator is very broad, and ranges from managing my colleagues to facility management, but also entails supporting and coaching the Board. I find it very rewarding to be part of an organization (in which the Board, student workers and students all cooperate) which caters for the mental and spiritual needs of students, and to be able to make a useful contribution to their personal development. An instance of this is ‘Lifestance Night’, a wonderful year-long project culminating in an unforgettable event, which invites students to reflect on socially relevant themes.
It is fascinating to witness how ideas germinate during coffee breaks or informal meetings and gradually grow into concrete projects like All Ears. 
Apart from being professionally committed, I am also genuinely fond of the SKLO: it seeks to provide a place in Groningen where students feel at home, where they can be themselves and explore relevant life issues.
Hans Blijdorp 
Since early 2018 I have been employed with the SKLO for finances and accounting. I do the accounts for four (interrelated) foundations. It is a largely independent and responsible job with a variety of tasks, which affords me great pleasure. The work involves many contacts with colleagues and students. The atmosphere is pleasant and informal; I feel there is a strong personal involvement with each other. All of which makes me enjoy working for the SKLO.

My vision of the SKLO:

‘Listen to what is wise and try to understand it.’  

(Proverbs 2:2, Good News Bible)

Leo van Noppen
I have been employed in the secretary’s office of the SKLO (then called GSp) since 1999: initially full-time, from 1st January 2006 part-time. That date saw the start of my own translation business, which has been my main job ever since. 
I greatly value being part of an organization which provides students, during an important phase in their lives, with opportunities to develop and grow in the field of religion and lifestance. The friendly social and work-related contact with colleagues, student workers and students makes for a pleasant and constructive (working) atmosphere.
Hanna Postema
My name is Hanna Postema, I live in Groningen and I am married to Harold; we have one son.
My part-time job with the SKLO involves keeping the interior of the SKLO-building spic and span as well as doing various domestic chores, all of which I enjoy doing.
I think it is good to provide a place for all those students and groups! And good to see that over the years many students have found their way here, to meet with each other, to share a meal, to study and to engage in other activities together.
I have the impression that the atmosphere here is quite friendly and informal: people interact in a pleasant way, and that goes for the student workers and for us as colleagues among ourselves, too.
I hope that the SKLO will have a long and prosperous future ahead of it, for the benefit of the students as well as of the city of Groningen.


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