Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is composed of members connected with the Univeristy of Groningen or the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. It has a supervisory and an advisory function towards the Board.  It has ultimate responsibility and accountability and has an advisory function towards students. This board consists of:

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F.l.t.r.: Richard Vos (chair)Berend Roorda (vice-chair and HR)Coen Oosterhuis  (treasurer)

Other members:

The Supervisory Board can be reached trough our contact form. 


Richard Vos (Supervisory Board - Chair)
My name is Richard Vos, born and raised in Bunik. I studied Experimental Psychology at the RUG. Married to Haike., and ‘stuck around’ in Groningen. I’ve had four children. I work als a professor of Industrial Product Design, at the Institute of Engineering, Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

In my student days I was a member of the BTG, a place where (my) existential questions were raised often. To me this was an especially formative period in my life, in which I have also learned a lot about the relation between faith/religion and science. In that time, I was in the summertime regularly a guest as mitarbeiter at the Communität Casteller Ring (CCR) in Bavaria, a woman’s community that - remarkably - live in the Evangelical Lutheran Church following the rules of St. Benedict. The sisters learned me that praying and working go hand-in-hand well.
Since 2011 I am a member of the EO Member’s Council, a place where the mutual, good conversation is held between different identities. Here as well. I have learned the importance of making contact, seeing the others and find, where possible, the will to understand one another.

At the SKLO many paths converge for me. The SKLO is a unique organisation with a beautiful vision and purpose that we realise for the students in Groningen, together with the participating organisations, the RUG, and the Hanzehogeschool. 
A valuable initiative of the SKLO is the project All Ears (, in which there is offered a listening ear to students - proves itself importance as loneliness or existential questions among students increase.

As the Chairman of the Supervisory Council I am glad to contribute to strengthen the position of the SKLO, so that students in Groningen not only have a student’s accomodation for sports and culture, but also for philosophy and ideology..


Berend Roorda (vice-chairman & human resources)
My name is Berend Roorda. I am married to Lotte, a wonderful woman. Together we have a son since January 2020; Boris, a lovely little man.

During my Law studies, which I combined with a nice career in Judo, I was a member of the student’s association Navigators. It was good to think about the meaning of life there, together. I am thankful for the valuable friendships that I have gained from it.

In 2012 I started working as a doctoral student at the faculty of Law at the RUG, where today I do research as a professor, among others to the right to demonstrate (a current and interesting topic!) and where I teach. As the coordinator of a large first-year’s subject, I approach students personally if they can’t manage to come along with their studies. I have been shocked by the many students that in reacting to this tell me about the personal problems that they struggle with.

I see around me, and I have experienced for myself that thinking together about the meaning of life and looking out for each other and listening can mean a lot if you struggle with personal problems. I find it therefore wonderful that there is a student’s organisation like the SKLO that really makes an effort for this. As vice president of the Supervisory Council and project leader of the student’s facility All Ears, I like to contribute to this.


Coen Oosterhuis (Supervisory Board - Treasurer)
My name is Coen Oosterhuis, living in Groningen and since 2015 a member of one of our participating organisations; Yir’ at ‘Adonay - C.S.F.R. Groningen. At the moment I am working on finishing my Master’s degree in Controlling at the RUG. Besides that, I work in a supermarket and I am responsible for the administration of a number of young entrepreneurs.

Since 2018 I have been involved with the SKLO. In that year, I started as treasurer of the Board, and the year after that I have fulfilled that function once again. In that way, I have come to know the SKLO as a young, energetic and interesting organisation. ‘For students, by students’ and the goal to bring philosophy and ideology to the attention of students are for me the two most important aspects of the SKLO. I like to contribute to this by continuing my way at SKLO as a member of the Supervisory Council. As a member of the Supervisory Council it is my task to support and coach the Board where needed, and besides that I am occupied,  alongside the treasurer and the administration, with the finances of the foundation.


Mirjam Nederveen (Supervisory Board - Member)
I am Mirjam Nederveen and I am involved with the SKLO because of my function as study advisor at the RUG. As a student, I have been a member of GSV (Reformed Student Association) and afterwards I have been an active member of the GSp (Groningen Student Platform). Having a bachelor’s degree in theology and a master’s in spiritual counseling, I  have an eye for the philosophical dimension in conversations. Students are in an interesting and challenging phase of their lives. I appreciate that I can walk with them, think alongside them and question along with them.
At the SKLO as well, we are never done questioning. As a member of the Supervisory Council, I observe the SKLO Board and like to question them on the what, how and why for their ideas. My dream for the SKLO is that it will be a student facility for philosophy and ideology for all students in this city.

Renze van Weringh (Supervisory Board - Student member)
I’m Renze van Weringh, master’s student at the economical faculty of the RUG. Besides that, I am a member of Navigators Student’s Association Groningen, where before corona I have spent a lot of my free time. As a student I see in my surroundings and experience myself that it is quite difficult to form a clear vision of life. Which is logical in my eyes, because the time in which you are a student is the time to build a world view.

I see the SKLO as an important organisation in this area. On the one hand they offer events that push you to think, such as the Nacht van de Levensbeschouwing. On the other hand they offer help under the project All Ears to students that for whatever reason have become stuck in a way. Especially in these uncertain times, it is important that students have a good philosophical base, and through SKLO I like to contribute to this.

Kristian Buitink (student-member)

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