Who are we

What is the meaning of life, what is life worth and how does one shape it? We, the SKLO - the Association of Religious and Lifestance Student Organizations in Groningen - think that these and many other questions are worth exploring as an integral part of student life. For that reason we are committed to promoting the exploratory reflection on life, specifically among students.

We encourage and help students to reflect on existential questions by promoting joint activities, providing financial support and encouraging cooperation between member organizations. The organizations concerned, listed in the column on the right-hand side of this website, offer various lifestance-related activities. The SKLO provides an overview of these activities on this website, is the collective point of contact, and raises funds and obtains subsidies to make it all possible. The SKLO functions as a bridge between various student organizations, students, and higher education institutions. So, apart from regulating the provision of information and allocating (financial) resources, the SKLO is pre-eminently the place where intellectual and lifestance ideas are being nurtured and discussed in open dialogue.

The SKLO is proud to be able to provide room and inspiration for lifestance initiatives in Groningen and thus to contribute to the broad intellectual and spiritual education of students.

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