Winter weekend away

22 november 18:00 - 24 november 15:00

De Harmsdobbe, Bakkenveen

It’s finally here HOSTies! This weekend we will be enjoying a nice getaway to Bakkenveen, De Harmsdobbe in Friesland! We do have limited places so make sure to sign up before it is too late!

The weekend will take place from the 22nd till the 24th of November. The sign-up deadline is on Wednesday the 20th of November, and be aware, there is a limited amount of 29 places available! The estimated cost is €38 (keep in mind this might be a little more or less depending on the number of attendees), this is including food, snacks, beverages, and warm accommodation! You will still need to pay for your own transportation, however, a person from the Board will be traveling with you guys from Groningen station to the accommodation.

More information about the weekend away can be found in the link below:

betrokken organisaties


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